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Eurowings Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy | Eurowings Minor Policy – Some teens and young adults find traveling alone to be an exciting and sometimes scary journey. This is something that Eurowings Airlines wants to make as easy and safe as possible for young travelers and their parents.

eurowings airlines unaccompanied minor policy

Eurowings makes sure that kids flying alone get the best care and attention possible by having a thorough unaccompanied minor policy. There is a lot of information in this long book about the policy. This article talks about fees, services, and how to get ready.

How To Understand The Eurowings Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The Unaccompanied Minor Policy of Eurowings Airlines is meant to help kids who are traveling without an adult. It explains the requirements, the planning process, and the services offered to guarantee the safety and happiness of young travelers. Eurowings Airlines offers a service for unaccompanied minors ages between 5 -11 years.

Process For Eligibility And Booking

Children from 5 to 11 years old must use the airline’s service when they are traveling alone because they are automatically considered unaccompanied minors. Teens ages 12 to 17 can choose not to use the service. Guardians must directly book the service for unaccompanied minors with Eurowings because it needs special plans.

Service Fee for Eurowings Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

To cover the extra care and handling needed, Eurowings Airlines charges a fee for the unaccompanied minor service. Depending on the flight’s destination, there are different fees:

  • Short-haul flights cost €50 roundtrip for each child.
  • Long-haul flights cost €75 roundtrip for each child.

From check-in to arrival, these fees make sure that the child gets all of the services that the airline has to offer.

The Eurowings Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Services Offered

Eurowings goes above and beyond to make sure all unaccompanied children are safe and comfortable:

  • Check-In: There are special booths for young travelers that make the check-in process go more smoothly.
  • Escort Service: An airline employee walks the child through all of the airport’s procedures to make sure they get on the plane safely and then give them to their parent upon arrival.
  • Onboard Care: Flight workers pay extra attention to the needs of unaccompanied children who are on their flight.

Preparing Your Child for the Journey

An unaccompanied minor’s trip will go better if they are well-prepared. Here we mentioned some specific tips for legal guardians and parents:

Talking about the Journey

Start by letting your child know about the travel process. From check-in to boarding and arrival, use simple terms to describe each step. Assure them that the airline staff will be there to help them the whole way.

Packing Essentials

Put the following things in a small carry-on bag:

  • Snacks and a water bottle that can be used over!
  • A travel pillow and blanket to make you feel better.
  • Something fun to do, like a favorite book, toy, or electronic device (with headphones).
  • Any medicine that you need with clear directions.

Emergency Information

Make sure your child knows their personal information, like who will be getting them up and how to reach them. You could give them a small, unnoticeable ID card or band with this information on it.

At the airport

Get to the airport early to escape crowds and help your child get used to the space. Make sure they understand the plan and are excited about the trip ahead.

On the Day of the Travel

The day of travel can be busy, but if you plan ahead, everything can go smoothly:


For unaccompanied children, use the special check-in service. Make sure all the information is in order and that your child knows who will be picking them up.

Security and Boarding

Your child will be led by a staff member through security and to the gate. Before other people, they will get on the plane first, so the flight crew can help them get settled.

During the flight

Regular checks will be made by flight staff, who will also offer snacks, drinks, and assistance as necessary. Your child should be able to talk to the crew if they need anything.

Arrival and Pick-Up

Your child will be assisted through the visa and customs steps upon arrival. They will only be given to the person listed on the papers for unaccompanied minors, which will keep them safe.

FAQs of Eurowings Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Question 1: How can I ensure my child’s comfort during the flight?

Answer: Talk about what to expect during the flight, such as how to use the seatbelt, how important it is to stay seated, and how to request assistance. It will also help to bring comfort items and snacks.

Question 2: What if my child has dietary restrictions?

Answer: Let Eurowings Airlines know about any food allergies when you book the service for unaccompanied minors. With enough warning, the airline can meet most needs.

Question 3: Can my child travel with their sibling under the unaccompanied minor service?

Answer: If your child’s siblings also traveling, your child can travel with them. Each child may have to pay the unaccompanied minor service fee, but having them together can make the trip more comfortable and easy.

Question 4: What measures does Eurowings take to ensure the safety of unaccompanied minors?

Answer: Eurowings takes several safety precautions, such as having staff on hand to assist, secure handover procedures for departure and arrival, and ongoing contact between the crew and ground staff about the condition of the minor.

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