How to Book Air Europa Unaccompanied Minors Flight?

Here you get all the Information on how to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor or child traveling alone with Air Europa.

Booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor can be a daunting task, but Air Europa makes the process straightforward and secure.

This guide will walk you through the steps of booking an Air Europa unaccompanied minors flight and provide detailed information on the airline’s policies to ensure a smooth experience for you and your child.

Air Europa Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Air Europa offers a comprehensive unaccompanied minor service designed to ensure the safety and comfort of children traveling alone. Here’s what you need to know about their policy:

Age Requirements

Children Aged 5-11: Children in this age group must use the unaccompanied minor service.

Children Aged 12-17: While not mandatory, the unaccompanied minor service is available upon request for this age group.

Booking Process

To book an Air Europa unaccompanied minors flight, follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact Air Europa

Unaccompanied minor bookings cannot be made online. You must contact Air Europa directly through their customer service hotline. Be prepared to provide details such as the child’s age, travel dates, and itinerary.

Step 2: Complete Required Forms

Air Europa requires specific documentation for unaccompanied minors. You will need to fill out an unaccompanied minor form, providing information about the child’s guardian at both the departure and arrival airports.

Step 3: Confirm and Pay

Once all the details are confirmed, you will need to pay for the ticket and any associated unaccompanied minor service fees. Fees vary based on the flight duration and destination.

Air Europa Unaccompanied Minor Service Cost

The cost of Air Europa’s unaccompanied minor service is as follows:

Domestic Flights: Approximately €35 per segment.

International Flights within Europe: Approximately €50 per segment.

Intercontinental Flights: Approximately €95 per segment.

At the Airport

When arriving at the airport, follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth check-in process for your child:


Arrival Time: Arrive at least two hours before the flight.

Documentation: Bring all necessary documents, including the unaccompanied minor form, the child’s passport, and any visas required for the destination.

Escort Service

Air Europa provides an escort service to accompany the child through security and to the gate. The escort will also stay with the child until they are safely on the plane.

During the Flight

Air Europa’s cabin crew will take special care of unaccompanied minors during the flight. They ensure the child is comfortable and has everything they need, from meals to entertainment.

Arrival at Destination

Upon arrival, an Air Europa representative will escort the child through customs and immigration and hand them over to the designated guardian listed on the unaccompanied minor form.

Tips for Parents

Here are some additional tips to ensure your child’s journey is as smooth as possible:

Pack Essentials: Make sure your child has all necessary items in their carry-on bag, including identification, a copy of the unaccompanied minor form, snacks, and entertainment.

Stay Contactable: Ensure you are reachable by phone at all times during the journey.

Explain the Process: Talk to your child about the journey, what to expect, and who will be meeting them at the destination.


By following this guide, you can confidently book an Air Europa unaccompanied minors flight and ensure your child has a safe and pleasant travel experience.

For more detailed information, always check the Air Europa website or contact their customer service.

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