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Unaccompanied Minor Policy Guide for All Airlines & Flights

As per Unaccompanied Airlines Minors Policy, unaccompanied minors are commonly defined as children between the ages of 5 and 14 who travel without an accompanying adult. The restrictions that airlines have in place for unaccompanied kids are very detailed. Policies like this might differ from airline to airline, but most of the time they demand parental permission, certain documents, and specific check-in processes.

How to book Unaccompanied Minors Flight Tickets?

Does your infant want to travel on a plane without a parent or legal guardian? If yes, then you are at the right place but first, you need to understand clearly the rules & regulations regarding air travel on different airlines for unaccompanied minors, also known as “unaccompanied child” or “separated kid”, as booking flight tickets for your unaccompanied infant can be stressful. For Airlines Minor policy-related blogs.

Who is an unaccompanied minor?

As per airline minor policy of different airlines, an unaccompanied kid is generally an airline passenger whose age is between 6-17 years (6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17) and travels alone or without an accompanying parent or a legal guardian.

This travel may be such travel is being made unaccompanied or alone or without a parent or a legal guardian, or in some cases the accompanying adult or parent or a legal guardian and the kid are separately seated in a different class. An unaccompanied infant is not permitted to travel on standby and needs a confirmed air booking for flying alone to the final destination.

What is the process for booking and travel for unaccompanied minors?

A request regarding unaccompanied minor service is to be made by a legal guardian or a parent after filling out a release form, which helps to identify another legal guardian for picking up the unaccompanied minor at the destination airport. It is also necessary for both the legal guardians (dropping and picking) of the infant to carry a valid government-issued photo identification(ID).

What is the responsibility of the airline towards traveling unaccompanied minors?

An airline staff is responsible for escorting the unaccompanied minors through all the processes in the airport like immigration and customs, and boarding the flight in time. Also, the airline’s staff will be responsible for handing over the unaccompanied child at the destination airport to the adult or a parent or a legal guardian mentioned in the release form after checking his/her valid government-issued photo ID and matching the name as mentioned in the release form duly filled by the legal guardian at the origin airport.

You must ensure that while seeking unaccompanied minor travel service the booking information along with the important travel documents should be presented in front of the airline representative. Also, you need to recheck with your state or country of origin to assess what travel documents will be necessary or required for unaccompanied minor travel.

Will airlines charge a fee for unaccompanied minor service?

Yes, the airline will charge a cost and fee for unaccompanied minor travel services which will vary for different airlines. The unaccompanied minor travel service cost, fee will generally cost between $50-$150 plus taxes each way per unaccompanied minor.

My child is mature enough to travel alone. Will the airlines allow him/her to travel alone without an accompanying adult?

No, certainly not. The airline will not let your child fly solo if he or she is considered an unaccompanied minor, even if the child is old enough to travel without you. You will have to compulsorily request for unaccompanied minor service to the airline after paying a cost.

How unaccompanied minor booking can be done?

We’re here to make it easy for families to book accommodations for unaccompanied minors. You can easily make reservations for an unaccompanied minor by calling the toll-free number +1-866-414-1886 and speaking with a customer service agent. The reservation process is completely stress-free.

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