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United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

United Airlines Minor Policy: United Airlines has a comprehensive policy in place for unaccompanied minors who are flying alone. This policy outlines various age restrictions, the booking process, required documentation, safety measures, staff training, fees and charges, services and amenities, tips for parents, and common concerns.

United Airlines Minor Policy

United Airlines Minor Age Restrictions – Rules

An overview of United Airlines policy on unaccompanied minors is provided below:

  • United Airlines understands the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of all passengers, especially when it comes to unaccompanied minors. We have specific age restrictions in place to provide a seamless and secure travel experience for children traveling alone.
  • The airline considers children between the ages of 5 and 11 as unaccompanied minors and requires them to follow the guidelines set by the airline.
  • We understand that this age range can be a significant milestone for both children and parents alike. That’s why we have designed our unaccompanied minor services to provide peace of mind and reassurance throughout the journey.
  • When children aged 5 to 11 travel alone with United Airlines, they will be under the dedicated care of our trained staff. From the moment they check-in to their safe arrival at the final destination, our team will ensure their comfort and security every step of the way. Our experienced staff handles a variety of situations with care and compassion, understanding that each child is unique..
  • For children aged 12 and above, traveling alone is optional, but they can still avail of the unaccompanied minor services if desired. We believe in giving families the flexibility to choose the level of support they feel is necessary for their child’s travel experience. Whether it’s a first-time solo adventure or a frequent flyer, our unaccompanied minor services are available to provide an extra layer of assistance and guidance.
  • At United Airlines, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all our passengers, especially those who are traveling alone. Our age restrictions and unaccompanied minor services are designed to ensure a smooth and secure journey for children, giving parents peace of mind and children a sense of confidence as they embark on their travel adventures.

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United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Booking Process – Guidelines

  • When booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor with United Airlines, it is essential to provide accurate and detailed information. The booking process includes filling out a form that includes the names and contact information of both the child and the person dropping them off and picking them up at their destination.
  • Additionally, United Airlines requires the guardian to provide a government-issued photo ID, as well as the guardian’s contact information at the destination. It is crucial to double-check all the information provided during the booking process to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minors is a top priority for United Airlines. To further enhance the travel experience for these young passengers, the airline offers a range of specialized services. These services include dedicated staff members who are trained to provide assistance and support throughout the journey.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, unaccompanied minors are greeted by a United Airlines representative who will guide them through the check-in process. This representative will also provide the child with a special identification badge that they must wear throughout their journey. This badge helps airport staff easily identify unaccompanied minors and ensures that they receive the necessary attention and care.
  • During the flight, unaccompanied minors are seated in a designated area where flight attendants can keep a close eye on them. The airline’s cabin crew members are specially trained to handle any situation that may arise during the flight, ensuring the safety and comfort of these young travelers.
  • Upon arrival at the destination, the unaccompanied minor is escorted off the aircraft by a flight attendant and handed over to the designated person listed on the booking form. The guardian must present their government-issued photo ID for verification before the child is released into their care.
  • United Airlines understands that entrusting a child’s travel to their care is a significant responsibility. That is why they have implemented comprehensive procedures and protocols to ensure a seamless and secure journey for unaccompanied minors. By providing accurate information and following the necessary steps during the booking process, parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their child’s travel experience will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

U A Minor Travel Documentation

  • United Airlines requires certain documentation for unaccompanied minors to ensure their safety and security during the journey.
  • Required Documents:
    • Copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport
    • Guardian’s photo ID
  • It is important to have these documents readily available before the trip.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Booking Process

There are two ways to schedule the United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service:

Book United Airlines Flight For Minor By Phone

You can book a flight for minors by calling on the United Airlines TFN number.

  • There is a $25 service cost

Book United Airlines Flight For Minor Online

For online bookings of the United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service:

The United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service booking page with the Advanced search option highlighted in a screenshot:

  • Check out United.com
  • Locate and select the Advanced search option.
  • Put 0 in place of 1 for the adults
  • On the day of the trip, choose the number of children based on their age range.
  • Pay for your child’s unaccompanied reservation by following the on-screen instructions.


  • You must also specify who will be picking up and dropping off your child when making the reservation. Please contact United Airlines in advance of your travel date to tell them of any changes and ask that they update this information.
  • United Airlines will ensure that your child gets the attention they need by selecting a suitable seat. Within 48 hours of making your unaccompanied minor reservation, you can check your seat assignment online (via My Trips).
  • The United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service charge will be applied to the price of your child’s ticket when you pay for it online. When you pay for a ticket over the phone, United Airlines will deduct the amount.
  • If you or your child’s legal guardian need to purchase the United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service if you are traveling on separate bookings. To have this information included in every reservation, simply contact the United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Customer Contact Center and let them know. United Airlines does not allow unaccompanied children under the age of 15 to check in via their website or mobile app, so your child will still need to see an escort & assistance service agent at the airport to go through the check-in process.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee & Charges

While United Airlines offers excellent services for unaccompanied minors, there are fees associated with this service. The fees vary depending on the flight route and class of service. It is essential to check the current fee structure when booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor to avoid any surprises.

Number of Unaccompanied MinorsOne-Way Service FeesRound Trip Service Fees
1150 USD300 USD
2150 USD300 USD
3300 USD600 USD
4300 USD600 USD
5450 USD900 USD
6450 USD900 USD

You have three options for paying the United Airlines Flight unaccompanied minor fee: when you book, later before departure, or at the airport’s check-in desk.

How Much Do United Airlines Charge Ticketing Cost?

Here are the ticketing service charges that United Airlines will apply:

  • In the US and Canada
    • Prices: $25 over the phone,
    • $30 at local ticket offices, and
    • $50 at the airport
  • destinations outside the US and Canada
    • Prices could change depending on your MileagePlus tier.

There will be no refunds for the ticketing payments.

United Airlines Minor Ticketing Guidelines Tips for Parents

  • Preparing a child to fly alone can be a daunting task for parents. To alleviate concerns and ensure a smooth experience, United Airlines offers several tips for parents and guardians.
  • First and foremost, it is essential to communicate with the child and explain what to expect during the journey. Sharing information about the check-in process, security procedures, and what will happen on the aircraft can help alleviate anxiety and make the child more comfortable.
  • Additionally, packing a small bag with essentials, such as snacks, a sweater, and entertainment, can provide comfort during the flight. It is also advisable to label all items with the child’s name and contact information.
  • Finally, providing the child with a list of emergency contact numbers and ensuring they have a charged mobile phone can give parents peace of mind in case they need to reach their child or the airline during the journey.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Safety Guidelines

Airlines prioritize the safety of unaccompanied minors throughout their travel experience. These children are ensured to be supervised by dedicated staff members who assist them from check-in to arrival at their destination. Additionally, United Airlines provides a wristband to unaccompanied minors, making it easier to identify them and ensure that they are in the right hands at all times.

Furthermore, United Airlines ensures that unaccompanied minors sit in areas of the aircraft where flight attendants can closely monitor them. This arrangement offers peace of mind to both the child and their parents or guardians.

Staff Training For Handling Unaccompanied Minors

The staff at United Airlines receive specialized training to handle unaccompanied minors. A safe and comfortable experience for these children is ensured by the staff, who are trained to promptly address any concerns or issues that may arise during the journey.

United Airlines staff members are empathetic, trained in child welfare, and capable of dealing with various situations that may occur when children travel alone. This training ensures that unaccompanied minors receive the best care possible throughout their flight.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Services And Amenities

United Airlines provides several services and amenities to ensure the comfort and well-being of unaccompanied minors. These include priority boarding, assistance with carry-on baggage, and help with connecting flights if necessary.
Additionally, United Airlines offers snacks and beverages during the flight, ensuring that unaccompanied minors are well taken care of during their journey. These services and amenities contribute to a positive and stress-free travel experience.

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FAQs Regarding The United Airlines Minor Policy

Question 1: What are the age requirements for a minor to travel unaccompanied?

Answer: United Airlines allows children aged 5 to 14 years to travel unaccompanied, provided they use the airline’s unaccompanied minor service. Teenagers 15 and older can travel as adults but can also opt for the service if desired.

Question 2: Can an unaccompanied minor take connecting flights?

Answer: Yes, but with restrictions. United Airlines permits unaccompanied minors on certain direct or non-stop flights, and specific connecting flights depending on the airports and layover times.

Question 3: How is the unaccompanied minor service booked?

Answer: The service must be booked directly through United Airlines via phone or at a ticketing office. Online booking for unaccompanied minors is not available.

Question 4: What documentation is required for an unaccompanied minor?

Answer: Parents or guardians need to provide a form of identification for the child, emergency contact information, and any relevant travel documents, including passports for international flights.

Question 5: How early should an unaccompanied minor arrive at the airport?

Answer: United Airlines recommends arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights to allow time for check-in and security procedures.

Question 5: What happens if there is a flight cancellation or delay?

Answer: United Airlines will take care of the unaccompanied minor, making arrangements for the next available flight and ensuring the child’s safety and comfort during the wait. flights and 3 hours before international flights to allow time for check-in and security procedures.


United Airlines unaccompanied minor policy covers every aspect of ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for children traveling alone. From stringent age restrictions to comprehensive staff training and numerous services and amenities, United Airlines prioritizes the welfare of unaccompanied minors.

By understanding and following United Airlines’ guidelines, parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their child is in capable hands during their flight. Moreover, comparing the policies of different airlines allows parents to select an airline that best suits their child’s needs and provides an excellent unaccompanied minor service.
When it comes to flying alone, United Airlines has established itself


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