Iberia Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Iberia Unaccompanied Minor Policy – Do your children take trips alone? Don’t worry! From the moment they are picked up at the airport of departure until the end of the flight, Iberia’s UNMR policy ensures their safety and well-being. Your child will be cared for by airline employees throughout the journey, either individually or in a small group with other youngsters.

Iberia Unaccompanied Minor Policy

In addition, Iberia will assist with the kids if they have to transfer to another flight. The airline will support them through any emergencies and keep the parents updated.

While waiting for their connecting flight, Iberia will transfer your child to a dedicated minors lounge where they can relax, play video games, watch kid-friendly movies, use the restroom, and enjoy unlimited access to Wi-Fi.

Learn more about Iberia’s special service for unaccompanied minors here. Due to restrictions on capacity, reservations are required for unaccompanied minor service.

Who is Eligible to Use the Unaccompanied Minor Service on Iberia Airlines?

Between the ages of 5 and 11

If your child will be flying solo or in a separate cabin from you, you must register for the service. If a minor is not accompanied by someone aged 16 or over, they are regarded to be unaccompanied minors. Furthermore –

  • The service is available on all Iberia, Iberia Express, and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights.
  • Anyone younger than 14 flying LEVEL with British Airways or Iberia must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or older.

Children between 12-17 years

Iberia unaccompanied minor policy states that passengers aged 12–17 are permitted, but not required, to use this service if they so wish.

  • The service is mandatory for all passengers under the age of 14 flying to and from Italy
  • The airline will not accept bookings or tickets from unaccompanied minors if their trip includes flights on another airline, including codeshare flights.

Iberia Minor Traveling Alone Service: How to Order?

Contact Iberia Airlines after making your child’s reservation to arrange payment of the unaccompanied minor fee.

By phone: You can schedule service up to 48 hours before your scheduled departure. In the same way, the unaccompanied minor service is open for booking from Monday morning through Friday evening flights.

A parent or legal guardian must call Iberia’s customer service in order to book a flight for a minor.

Arriving at the airport: If you are unable to add the unaccompanied minor service at least 48 hours before departure, you may arrive at the airport up to 150 minutes before the scheduled departure time. All required documentation should be with the parents at all times.

Requirements for Unaccompanied Minors on Iberia Airlines according to Country

According to Iberia policy for unaccompanied minors, the child’s parent or legal guardian is responsible for ensuring that all departure requirements for the destination country have been met.

  • U.S. If a child under the age of 14 is traveling alone in the United States, they are required by law to use this service.
  • Spain. If your child is studying abroad, you should fill out the Descargo de Responsabilidad Obligatorio and have their school sign and stamp it, especially if they are departing from Boston or London.
  • Mexico. A certificate signed by both parents or the parent with legal custody or guardianship is required for minors traveling to or from Mexico alone or with someone other than their parents or legal guardians. If the certificate was not issued in Spain, it will need to be translated and apostilled. If you are entering or leaving Spain, the local police station may be able to provide you with appropriate authorization paperwork.
  • Italy. Those younger than 14 who are leaving Italy must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older.
    • A valid passport is required.
  • A written and signed statement from each parent or legal guardian is required. The police report needs to specify the airline the child is going with so that they can verify the information.
– Release of Liability Form
– Obligatory Descargo of Responsibilities (if departing for Spain from Boston or London)
Depending on the destination (local or foreign), you might need to bring:
– A valid passport
– A valid visa
– A permission for re-entry – Health records
– Additional documents needed by the country of destination, such as:
– A letter of approval
– Medical clearance

How Does Iberia’s Unaccompanied Minor Service Work?

Using Iberia Airlines’ unaccompanied minor service includes the following steps, from purchasing a ticket to arrival at the final location.

Purchase the kid’s ticket.

A child under 12 can buy a ticket for themselves through the Iberia website or by calling customer care.

Book the Unaccompanied Minor Fee and pay it

If you order the service at the same time as your flight, the fee will be added to your ticket. The airline will hold the cancellation money until you reschedule your ticket, even if it’s for a short trip.

Iberia Minor Unaccompanied Form

All unaccompanied minors flying with Iberia must fill out a Disclaimer of Liability form. Both parents or guardians are responsible for arriving at the airport at least three hours prior to departure. The following is the important data:

  • The children’s names on the paperwork must match the names of the individuals who will be picking them up and taking them to the departure airport, and both sets of parents must show valid identification.
  • The individual’s name, address, and contact information who will be meeting the unaccompanied minor at the airport of destination.

Iberia requires identification for minors

Under U.S. law, passengers under the age of 14 are not required to carry identification on domestic flights, although doing so would help officials verify their identities.

No matter their age, all children traveling internationally are required to carry a valid national ID card or passport with them at all times. Unaccompanied minors leaving Spain must comply with the destination country’s travel laws.

Time of Arrival at the Airport

On the day of your travel, please check in your child at the airport. Parents and children traveling alone are required to check in at the airport up to three hours before departure. Here, staff members can double-check all arrival documentation and procedures. Iberia Airlines does not permit online or mobile check-in for unaccompanied minors.

Iberia will send the child passenger a waist pouch including all the necessary paperwork (ticket, passport, unaccompanied minor form, etc.). These items must be stored safely until the child arrives at the destination.

On board, unaccompanied minor

When a family with a young child boards an Iberia flight, the flight attendants will take care of the child for the duration of the flight.

  • The in-flight entertainment system of the airline also features kid-friendly films, cartoons, and radio programs. It can be used by minors traveling alone on both domestic and international flights.
  • On international flights, kids under the age of 12 will be offered free meals. When arranging a reservation, be sure to ask for meals for any solo-traveling kids.

Arrival at the Location with Minor Issues

The child will be the last passenger to leave the airplane when they arrive. An escort will take them to the designated recipient. Parents picking up a child at the airport must produce a valid photo identification. After their identity has been verified, they will be asked to sign a consent form stating that they are legally responsible for the minor.

  • The airline will pick up the children’s checked bags from the baggage claim area and, if they have a connection in Madrid, Spain.
  • The unaccompanied minor service crew from Iberia will pick them up and help them find their way to the Iberia Business Club.
  • The flight attendant will care for the child until it is time to transfer to the next flight.

Please be aware that in the event of a flight delay or cancellation, Iberia will immediately notify the adults named on the unaccompanied minor form. There will be constant care and monitoring for the child during this time.

Iberia Minor Identification Requirements

When a youngster is traveling without an adult, such as when they are staying with a relative:

For Domestic Flights – When flying within the United States, airlines may request one of the following forms of identification from children younger than 14 who do not have a passport or national identity card.

  • Official authorization papers from a police officer that are notarized and include the minor’s name, address, and photograph.
  • The parent, guardian, or legal representative of an unaccompanied minor must obtain the letter in person during the minor’s trip.

For Europe and other international travel – Traveling minors to Europe and other international places must meet the standards of the destination country. A valid passport is required for all unaccompanied minors flying on Iberia.

  • The minor’s parents or guardians must also provide additional identification if the child does not have a passport. 
  • Guardians of minor foreign nationals in Spain are required by law to register their minor charges with the local embassy.

Unaccompanied Minor Surcharge for Solo Iberia Travel

According to Iberia Unaccompanied policy for minor traveling without an adult, the following is the pricing for the aforementioned service:

Route of TravelDomestic transport (without the Canary Islands)Middle East, Europe, and the Canary IslandsSouth Africa, America, and Asia
Domestic transport (without the Canary Islands)5585145
Route of TravelNational Relationship (without Canary Islands)European connection/ National/Canary IslandsNational Relationship (without the Canary Islands)
Charge for unaccompanied minors (in USD)85120180

Note: When making a reservation for this service, please bear the variable exchange rates in mind. Moreover, the legal structure in each country may impose further fees, taxes, or levies.


We hope that this booklet clarifies Iberia’s stance on traveling with unaccompanied kids. We worked hard to make sure you had all you needed to transport your child safely. However, Iberia is happy to help you with any additional questions you may have. You can get additional, vital details by checking out their website.

FAQs of Iberia Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Question 1: Does Iberia let children to fly solo?

Answer- As per Iberia unaccompanied minor policy allows kids as young as five to fly without an adult.

Question 2: How much is the Iberia service charge for unaccompanied minors?

Answer- For flights inside Spain, Europe, and the Middle East, the unaccompanied minor price levied by Iberia is USD 85. When traveling to or from Asia, South Africa, or the Americas, unaccompanied minors will be charged USD 145.

Question 3: Iberia will let you travel alone at age 15?

Answer- Children as young as 15 are allowed to travel without an adult. However, registration is not required for Iberia’s service for unaccompanied minors.

Question 4: How can I book a flight with Iberia for an unaccompanied minor?

Answer- Passengers also have the option of making reservations online and then paying for their tickets at the airport on the day of their journey. Iberia’s call center staff will book flights for children and add the service fee to the total.

Question 5: Do I require a consent form to travel with Iberia alone?

Answer- A valid government-issued photo ID and an attested copy of the consent form are required for unaccompanied minors. When flying internationally with Iberia, unaccompanied minors must present a valid passport.

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