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Southwest Airlines Infant Policy

What is Southwest Airlines Infant Policy?

Traveling with young children isn’t as easy as it sounds; whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, your tiny ones will need your undivided attention. So, to make sure your forthcoming Southwest Airlines trip goes off without a hitch, check over the company’s infant policy.

For the protection of their young children, parents flying with them must be familiar with how to utilize a child restraint device. Keep in mind that both the FAA and the airline strongly recommend that parents or guardians put children weighing 40 pounds or less in a proper child restraint system (CRS) whenever they fly. All the information on Southwest Airlines Infant Policy is provided here.

Does Southwest Have Any Specific Requirements for Travelling with Infants?

Before you bring your babies on board, here is a summary of the important terms and conditions.

  • Southwest requires a minimum age of fourteen days for lap children and infants to travel. The youngest child allowed traveling as an infant is two years old.
  • On this flight, infants will not have their seats. The entire trip, they had to sit on an adult’s lap.
  • Southwest Airlines requires any child 2 years old and upwards to have their ticket.
  • Taxes and fees applicable to the overseas component of an infant’s itinerary must be paid by the traveler if the infant is to be transported as a lap child.
  • An original or photocopy of a birth certificate, passport, or government-issued ID may be required due to the age restriction on baby travel. We will not accept digital copies or screenshots.

What is the Process for Purchasing an Infant Ticket on Southwest Airlines?

Is your little one all set for their very first flight? Stay calm and read on for all the details you need to know about purchasing Southwest Airlines infant travel tickets. Notifying the airline that you are transporting a baby is the first step. You have two options for doing this: going online or giving Southwest Airlines a call.

I’ll show you how to accomplish it.

  • Expand the Book tab on the airline’s official website.
  • Please include your travel details and the needed information.
  • Select the number of lap infants in addition to adults in the Passengers area, which you may find down the page.
  • Start searching for flights and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Go to the “who’s traveling” part after you’ve chosen your flights and fill out all the details for adults and infants.

If you are flying domestically with Southwest, you may easily add a baby or lap child to your existing booking at the airport’s self-service kiosk. Just complete the payment, and it’s done. Travelers can also use the kiosk to change their baby’s information.

Are Rapid Rewards Points an Option for Infant Ticket Purchases?

Infant flight tickets can be purchased using Rapid Rewards points by parents or guardians. In such instances, they need to dial +1-866-414-1886 or 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to reach Southwest Airlines’ customer support department.

Make contact with the representative, go over your travel plans and the specifics of your baby, and provide them the information they need to redeem your Rapid Rewards points. Additionally, after you have finalized the booking, you must contact the customer service person to modify the reservation to add a lap child.

How can I pay for my Southwest Infant Reservation?

Are you prepared to create new memories on an airplane with your precious young one? To make sure you won’t be caught off guard later on, wait until you see which payment options are offered at Southwest when you book an infant seat.

You can pay for your Southwest Airlines ticket with any major credit or debit card.

  • Additional ways to pay online
  • Points for Quick Rewards
  • Only redeemable in Cancun and Los Cabos pesos at the box office

Please be informed that some payment methods cannot be used to purchase Lap Child tickets from the airline.

  • Cash
  • Southwest Love Discount Codes

Which Child Safety Seat Is Allowed on Southwest Airlines?

Knowing which Child Restraint Systems are allowed on board is vital because both the airline and the FAA advise parents to strap their infants in CRS. Peruse the facts and make your purchase as needed.

  • Certified for use on aircraft, the CRS is an absolute must.
  • It satisfies all US government requirements for the safety of motor vehicles.
  • The FAA, the UN, or another foreign authority must provide their approval for the system to move on.
  • Some sort of approved symbol, such as a stamp or decal, is required.
  • Just a reminder, Southwest does not allow backless booster seats or anything else that binds a youngster to an adult.
  • The target weight range for the device is 22–44 pounds for infants.
  • Infants may only travel in middle or window seats, per Southwest’s policy.
  • The child restraint system (CRS) should face the rear of the aircraft for children weighing less than 20 pounds, and the front of the aircraft for children between 20 to 40 pounds.
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