Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy – As per Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy, especially for minors flying alone, traveling can be scary. Porter Airlines has created a policy specifically for unaccompanied minors in light of this. This Article goes into detail about Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service Charge Policy, including eligibility, fees, guidelines, and commonly asked questions.

Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Understanding the Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Who Qualifies as an Unaccompanied Minor?

Porter Airlines says that children traveling alone without a parent or legal agent are “unaccompanied minors.” Children between the ages of 8 and 17 can access the service. The goal of this policy is to help these young passengers from the time they board the plane until they get to their final location.

The Booking Process of Traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor on Porter Airlines

To understand the booking process of traveling as an unaccompanied minor on Porter Airlines see below:

1. Booking the Flight: The service for unaccompanied minors can’t be booked online; you have to call Porter Airlines directly. This helps make sure that all special needs are known about and met.

2. Service Charge Fee: Porter Airlines charges an unaccompanied minor service charge. This fee covers the extra services and care that are given to make sure the child is safe during the trip. The service charge for each one-way trip was CAD 100 plus any taxes that were due at the time of my last report. That being said, this fee could change, so it’s best to check with the airline when you book.

3. Get ready for the flight: Guardians must fill out a form with information about the minor, their contact information, and the contact information of the person who will pick them up at the location. The airline needs this form to get ready, and the minor needs it to stay safe.

4. The day of the travel: The minor’s guardians must go with them to the airport, check them in at the right place, and stay until the flight leaves. The minor must also be picked up by the chosen guardian at the destination airport, who must come early.

Guidelines for Unaccompanied Minors on Porter Airlines

Please follow these guidelines to make sure that Porter Airlines keeps unaccompanied minors safe and comfortable:

1 Identification: Both the child and the guardian must have the right identification at the point of exit and landing.
2 Travel documents: Make sure that the minor has all of the necessary travel papers ready to hand over to the airline staff.
3 Baggage: Porter tells unaccompanied minors how much luggage they should bring to make their trip easier.
4 Onboard Services: Minors have access to all of Porter Airlines regular service options while they are on board. To meet any needs the child may have during the trip, the flight team will offer special assistance.

Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service Benefits

Porter Airlines Minor Service

Children flying alone can expect a smooth and safe trip on Porter Airlines thanks to their Minor Service. Porter makes sure that all of the child’s needs are met, including their comfort, safety, and adults’ peace of mind, from the time the reservation is made until the child arrives.

Children Flying Alone

Although the idea of children flying alone policy may seem overwhelming, Porter Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy and guidelines make the experience hassle-free and secure. It’s important to the airline that parents can trust their service, so they know their child is safe during the trip.


Traveling as an unaccompanied minor on Porter Airlines is a well-organized process that aims to give young travelers the greatest comfort and safety. Parents and guardians can rest easy knowing that their children will have a safe and enjoyable trip if they follow these guidelines and use the special service options available.

FAQs on Porter Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Question 1: What age does my child qualify for unaccompanied minor service with Porter Airlines?

Answer: Children between the ages of 8 and 17 can use Porter Airlines’ unaccompanied minor service.

Question 2: How much is the service charge for unaccompanied minors on Porter Airlines?

Answer: For each one-way trip, there will be a service charge of 100 CAD plus any relevant taxes.

Question 3: Can I book an unaccompanied minor service online with Porter Airlines?

Answer: No, you have to call Porter Airlines directly to book the service for unaccompanied minors and make sure all of their needs are met.

Question 4: What documents are required for an unaccompanied minor to fly with Porter Airlines?

Answer: Valid identification for the child, forms filled out with all the necessary information about the minor and their parents, and any travel papers needed for the trip are all things that are needed.

Question 5: How does Porter Airlines ensure the safety of unaccompanied minors during their flight?

Answer: Porter Airlines watches over and helps kids from the time they check in until they arrive. This includes helping them get on the plane, doing regular checks during the flight, and walking them to their parent when they get off the plane.

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