Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy – Under certain conditions, Copa Airlines allows children aged 5 to 14 to fly alone through the Unaccompanied Minor Service. This will guarantee that a service agent is present with your child from the time they check in until they are met at their destination by an adult guardian or family member that you specify.

Do your research before reserving the service, as it is now unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service: How to Book

According to Copa Airlines policy, you must reserve the Unaccompanied Minor service at least 48 hours before your departure via:

  • Your neighborhood Copa Airlines Reservation Center
  • Office for Sales at Copa Airlines
  • Your Travel Agency

Details of Service for Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minors

Additional in-flight services are not included in Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service. It all starts with checking in and continues through going through security, immigration, and the boarding gate to your seat on the plane. The authorized parent or guardian will be given custody of your child when they are escorted from the aircraft through customs and immigration upon arrival.

Age and Flight Restrictions for Children Traveling Alone on Copa Airlines

Children Traveling Alone on Copa Airlines requires The following age and flying restrictions by minor policy:

  • Any child under the age of five must have an adult relative, guardian, or travel partner who is at least 18 years old to travel alone.
  • Children under the age of seven may travel alone on some flights (direct flights) that do not involve changing planes.
  • For both nonstop and connecting flights, Copa Airlines allows unaccompanied youngsters aged 8 to 14.
  • Young people (those aged 15–17) can fly either as regular passengers or as unaccompanied minors on both nonstop and connected flights. Anyone flying as a normal passenger is required to have a valid form of identification that verifies their age. 

Note: Before you book the Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service, you must confirm your child’s ticket reservation. Just like you would with any other flight booking.

Important Details to Remember When Reserving the Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

When I book the unaccompanied minor service on Copa Airlines, what documents must I bring with me?

Please ensure that you have all of the following information on hand: name, relationship, phone number, address, and photo ID:

  • The individual who is transporting your kid to the terminal.
  • One who will be there to welcome your little one when they arrive.

Note. The individual responsible for delivering your child to the airport must possess a legitimate form of identification. Such as a passport or driver’s license, that displays the complete name, date of birth, and gender if the flight is departing from the United States. In addition to the service price, several countries impose taxes on gate pass issuance.

Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee on Domestic and International Flights

Up to 4 underage children from the same family may travel on the same reservation for the Copa Airlines unaccompanied minor service cost (see below). Additional payment is required in addition to the applicable fare.

  • International airfare: $150 (not including taxes).
  • Panama domestic flights cost $20 (not including taxes).

Other Conditions

  • All necessary legal paperwork must be in order.
  • Itineraries that involve a connecting flight that is not the sole flight of the day will not be eligible for the Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service.
  • Children traveling alone should only bring carry-on bags that they can manage alone.
  • Children traveling alone should not have a lot of belongings.
  • No minor may travel with a pet unless an adult is present.
  • No unaccompanied youngster who is sick or in the process of obtaining medical treatment will be allowed to board the aircraft without a valid medical certificate.

Specific Requirements for Panama

Unaccompanied Minor Travelers under the age of 18 leaving Panama must have a valid passport in addition to their original birth certificate or a minor identification card. To depart from Panama, they must also meet the following requirements:

  • At least one legal guardian or parent must accompany the minor.
  • In cases where both parents are present at the departure airport to meet with officials from the National Migration Service. A notarized letter from the non-traveling parent is not necessary.
  • Any minor traveling with a legal guardian is required to have a judge’s travel authorization on their person. A death certificate for a parent is required if they are no longer living.
  • Any minor traveling with an adult or without an adult must have written permission from both parents.

FAQs of Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Question 1: How can I book the Unaccompanied Minor Service on Copa Airlines?

Answer: To reserve Copa Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service, parents must first purchase a confirmed flight ticket for their child in the same way as any other ticket, whether online, over the phone, or at a sales office. You can arrange for the Unaccompanied Minor service through your travel agent or local Copa Airlines Reservation Center at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. This should be done after your booking has been confirmed.

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