KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy

KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy – Does your teen go anywhere without you? This is quite thrilling for them. KLM policy for unaccompanied minor guarantees the child’s comfort, safety, and reliable assistance at the airport and during the flight.

KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Find out how the unaccompanied minor program works and how you, as a parent or legal guardian, can help your child prepare for a trip.

We have also discussed the specifics of the service price, the documentation children must submit upon check-in, and other policies governing the unaccompanied minor program.

KLM Airlines offers a service for unaccompanied minors.

KLM will go above and beyond to make your child’s solo flight as pleasant as possible. Flight attendants will see to their needs, ensuring they board the right aircraft and helping them through any delays or other problems that may arise.

Only nonstop flights are eligible for the KLM service for unaccompanied minors. KLM, Air France, and Delta Air Lines are the only airlines that allow unaccompanied minors.

Mandatory for kids between the ages of 5 and 14

Are you taking a child under the age of 18 with you without a responsible adult? Or is the adult companion of your child in a different cabin? Please note that the KLM Unaccompanied Minor service policy is always required in addition to the regular ticket.

Options for travelers aged 15 to 17

The Unaccompanied Minor Service Exemption only applies to minors who are younger than 18 years old. If you don’t sign up for the service, your child will be treated as if they were an adult passenger.

If your child informs KLM workers of their age and any special needs during a flight delay or cancellation, we will do our best to accommodate them. Those traveling with unaccompanied minors should sign up for KLM’s Unaccompanied Minor program to ensure they receive special treatment in the event of a flight delay.

Rules about KLM’s unaccompanied minor program

The KLM unaccompanied minor policy states that all children between the ages of 5 and 14 must travel alone. Furthermore –

  • KLM Airlines often cares for the child on board.
  • The fee for minors traveling without adult supervision is non-refundable.
  • If parents or guardians of unaccompanied minors must cancel their flight, they have the option to rebook their child on another aircraft.
  • The traveler must represent themselves as the minor’s parents or legal guardians to purchase a flight for the child.
  • All required information must be correct at the time of booking to make it easier for unaccompanied minors to travel.
  • The request for proof of age must be made at the time of check-in. It must be presented in the form of a passport or a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • Parents or guardians must present a valid photo ID with a current address when dropping off and picking up the child.
  • Unaccompanied minors are only permitted to fly on direct flights with KLM Airlines. Before leaving the airport, they watch the plane lift off.

Right before departure

Following KLM unaccompanied minor policy, please have your child check in at the airport no later than 2.5 hours before the scheduled departure time. Additionally –

  • You and your child should both bring government-issued photo identification. You’ll need to fill out, sign, and print four copies of the form that specifies who will be dropping off and picking up your child.
  • Download the PDF form and print it, or print the completed form from My Trip.

On the journey

Your child will be escorted to their seat by a member of the KLM crew before takeoff. One of our flight attendants will keep a close eye on your child the whole time. If the kids have a long layover, they can use the designated lounge without paying.

After arriving

The KLM crew will meet the adult responsible for picking up the child at the airport and lead them to the baggage claim area. Unaccompanied minors must present a government-issued photo identification that matches the information provided on the application.

How can I make a KLM reservation for an unaccompanied minor?

The KLM Customer Contact Center is the only site to get airplane tickets with the required Unaccompanied Minor service. Do you wish to purchase a ticket utilizing the “minors traveling alone” service? If KLM is the carrier for your flight, you can also book it on their website. Booking your flight at least 24 hours in advance is recommended. There are two options for minors to travel without an adult:

Booking a little flight unaccompanied online

Please use the following guidelines when making a reservation for an unaccompanied minor on the airline’s website:

  • Choose klm.com more thorough “Advanced Search” option.
  • Reduce the adult count from its current value of one to zero.
  • Please let us know how many minors will be flying without an adult.
  • Include the KLM unaccompanied minor fee in your total purchase price at checkout.
  • After making your reservation, you’ll need to fill out a form for a minor flying on KLM alone.
  • Obtain an attested copy of the KLM unaccompanied minor handling advice form and present it at the airport counter to complete your KLM Airlines check-in.

Booking a flight for a child alone using alternative ways

You can add the KLM service for unaccompanied minors after making your reservation online using Messenger and WhatsApp. You can also reserve a spot by calling the service line.

For unaccompanied minors flying with KLM, you need these documents

The boarding process can be finalized at the KLM check-in counter once you get to the airport. The unaccompanied minor will be issued a batch to wear during the journey. The airline worker will prepare a folder for your child to use on the flight that has all of their identification and papers. At check-in, the accompanying parents or guardians are required to show the following documentation:

  • Photographic identification documents, e.g. passports and driver’s licenses.
  • Use the exact address listed on the ID.
  • You can reach the welcoming party’s parents or guardians at this number.
  • There must be four copies of the KLM unaccompanied minor form for each minor traveling alone.
  • At check-in, we would provide a form requesting parental travel permission.

KLM unaccompanied minor service fees

KLM charges an additional fee in addition to the full adult fare if you want to use their unaccompanied minor service for a child.

The unaccompanied minor service fee for nonstop flights is between $150 and $200. Connecting flights will add an extra $250-$350 to your total.

Booking a return journey will cost you twice as much. KLM’s domestic unaccompanied minor fares are displayed in the following table —

flight direct (in USD)A connecting flight (in USD)
Domestic Journeys75-100125-175
International Journeys150-200250-350


By reading this article, we hope you’ll have more clarity on the concept of flying with unaccompanied minors and the options available through KLM. The airline is well-known for its dedication to its customers and for providing superior services for families traveling with young children. So why not contact KLM and find out the details for yourself?

FAQs of KLM Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Question 1: Is KLM unaccompanied minor service cost refundable?

Answer- No, Instead, the money goes toward a future flight you can book through the airline. After the termination date, the credit will remain active for a full year.

Question 2: What happens if two unaccompanied minors are traveling together?

Answer- Groups of two or more unaccompanied minors traveling together on the same reservation are permitted. Each child, both ways, would be subject to KLM’s unaccompanied minor Policy.

Question 3: What documentation is needed for a youngster traveling alone?

Answer- KLM unaccompanied minor service required specifics about the youngster as well as the identity of the person who would be traveling with the child.

  • Information on the adult who will be with the child at both ends of the trip must be provided, including that person’s name, where they will be, and how to reach them.
  • The child must have all the required travel documents.
  • The adult who will be hosting them must be related to the child.

Question 4: A 15-year-old can be considered an unaccompanied minor, but how?

Answer- No, Unfortunately, KLM policy for unaccompanied minor only covers kids 5-14 years old. Children over the age of 15 can travel without an adult. However, if they don’t feel safe doing so, they have the option of signing up for the unaccompanied minor service and going through the airport without an adult.

  • Checking in and boarding the aircraft.
  • Coping with the possibility of airline delays or cancellations.
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